Airtime-saving tips

ID and Password settings.

It is not necessary to enter a user id or a password when logging on for Internet Access. However, using the default ID and password settings (ID: Mail - Password: Mail) will speed up the initial connection ("handshake") between your computer and our internet server.

Turn off those graphics!

By telling your browser to ignore graphics, you will save a substantial amount of time loading the vast majority of web pages.

Internet Explorer

Choose "Tools", "Internet Options", "Advanced" and then uncheck the box next to "Show Pictures" under the category "Multimedia". And while you're at it, unchecking "Play Animations", "Play sounds" and "Play videos" will also spare you a considerable amount of airtime.


Choose "Edit", "Preferences", click once on the word "Advanced" and then uncheck the box next to "Automatically load images".