Description of E-mail Service

Marlink AS's E-Mail service allows Inmarsat users to send and receive e-mail directly through the Internet without accessing a public telephone network. The service offers several options for users to send and receive e-mail and operates with Inmarsat A, B, M, Mini-M, GAN, Regional BGAN, Fleet, and Swift terminals.

Features and Benefits

  • No need to configure an e-mail client to access a Marlink AS e-mail account
  • Service optimized for use with low bandwidth Inmarsat terminals
  • Filter e-mail by previewing the Inbox and deleting any unwanted e-mails prior to downloading
  • No surcharge or monthly subscription fees
  • Service billed according to standard airtime prices for Inmarsat service used

Choose from one of two options to send e-mail:

1. Marlink AS can act as an Internet Service Provider, offering a tailor-made e-mail service and eliminating the need to subscribe to a third party e-mail provider. This service may be accessed using standard e-mail programs (e.g. Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.).
2. Marlink AS's E-Mail service provides a Web interface that allows users to access their Marlink AS e-mail account from any computer connected to the Internet.
Marlink AS's E-Mail service enables all Inmarsat users to open a free e-mail account without subscription charges. To open your free e-mail account, visit the registration page where you will be asked to choose your own user name. Your address will have the following structure: