Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Internet Access?
A: Internet Access is an Internet access and e-mail service provided by Marlink AS Satellite Services. All customers can get Internet access and e-mail services without a subscription fee. This service has been optimized for low-bandwidth Inmarsat terminals.
Q: How can I register for the service?
A: To use the e-mail service, the user must first create an e-mail account on the registration page available at or by using Inmarsat Short Code 29. When registering, the user will choose a user ID and password for the new e-mail account.
Q: I've registered an account. What now?
A: Some basic configuration is necessary. Configuration instructions can be obtained by clicking on the link for User manuals under the menu on the left (to access these manuals from a mobile terminal, use Short Code 28). These manuals explain how to set up a modem and a Dial-Up Connection on your PC, and how to configure Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.
After configuration has been completed, just dial Short Code 28 and you will immediately gain access to the Internet. No password or user ID is required for this service. However, we recommend that the User ID "Mail" and Password "Mail" be used as a default for all Inmarsat users in order to avoid confusion and to speed up the log-on procedure.
Q: Can I use this service in all four Ocean regions?
A: For Inmarsat B/M/mini-M, Fleet, GAN, and Regional BGAN the service is available in all four ocean regions through Inmarsat Short Code 28 for Internet and e-mail access (Use Short Code 29 for e-mail registration). For Inmarsat A, use Short Code 66 for all ocean regions. For further information, please contact our Support. For Inmarsat B/M/mini-M, Fleet, GAN and Regional BGAN there is no need to change your PC set-up regardless of ocean region.
Q: What does this service cost?
A: The only cost involved is for connection time; Short Code 28 is billed according to regular prices for the particular Inmarsat service in use. Special rates apply for registration via Short Code 29. For further information contact our support department.
Q: Is the service dependent on the Inmarsat terminal?
A: Yes, the terminal determines the data transfer rate. Inmarsat M and mini-M support a rate of 2.4 kbps, Inmarsat B 9.6 kbps and the rate over Inmarsat A ranges from 9.6 to 19.2 kbps depending on the connection. For Inmarsat B High Speed Data (HSD), Fleet, and GAN a data transfer rate of 64 kbps is available. With Regional BGAN, the data transfer rate is up to 144 kbps (shared channel).
Q: What will my e-mail address be?
A: Your e-mail address will have the extension (e.g. The user name may consist of up to 16 characters. If your desired user ID is already in use, the server will suggest some alternate choices. The user is free to try a completely different user ID.
Q: Is Internet access and the e-mail service dependent on my software?
A: Yes it is. First of all, the PC used to access these services must have Internet software. We recommend that the user have later software versions than Microsoft Explorer 3.0 and Netscape Navigator 3.0. The e-mail server supports both IMAP and POP3 protocols. IMAP enables the user to selectively download headers, messages and attachments and is recommended.
Q: Is it possible just to receive mail from a selected group of e-mail addresses?
A: Yes, our system allows the user to enable filtering which will only allow a selected list of e-mail addresses to be received in the mailbox. The user can maintain this filtering list at any time by logging onto the e-mail account via the Edit e-mail Preferences option under the menu on the left.
Q: Is it possible to forward mail from my satellite-email account to another e-mail account?
A: Yes, we have implemented options allowing the user to forward all incoming mail to an alternate account. The user can enable forwarding at any time by logging onto the e-mail account via the Edit e-mail Preferences option under the menu on the left.
Q: Why should I use Marlink AS Satellite Services for Internet access and e-mail?
A: Unlike other services, Marlink AS Satellite Services' Internet Access is tailored to work with the rather narrow bandwidth that the Inmarsat terminal offers. Other advantages include:
  • No registration or subscription fee for Internet access through Marlink AS's Land Earth Stations (LES).
  • Direct access to the Internet backbone via a Marlink AS LES, offering the highest level of quality and accessibility.
  • Free e-mail account and no subscription fee, plus an easy-to-use mail account interface.
  • All e-mail registration pages have been optimized with regard to design and with a minimum of graphics to reduce download time.
  • No extra charge for airtime when you use Short Code 28 for Internet and e-mail access. Standard prices are used.
Q: Can I use the e-mail account on my home PC connected to the "fixed" Internet?
A: From your home PC you will be able to read e-mail in the inbox for your e-mail account. You can also register a new account and edit your e-mail preferences. However, it is not possible to send e-mail through this e-mail account from your home PC. This is in order to avoid abuse of this service.