Description of Internet Access

Marlink AS offers Internet Access, a fast and seamless way to reach the Internet from any Inmarsat A, B, M, Mini-M, GAN, Regional BGAN, Fleet, or Swift terminal.

Features and Benefits

  • Direct seamless connection to the Internet
  • Users can operate with any client software to access Web sites, send and receive e-mail or connect to corporate Intranets and Extranets
  • Fast log-on time
  • Service optimized for use with low bandwidth Inmarsat terminals
  • High-speed connectivity from Marlink AS LES to the Internet POP
  • No congestion
  • Access corporate or public e-mail accounts directly using an Inmarsat terminal and a PC (To access e-mail accounts on a corporate or public mail service, mailboxes must be open for access via the Internet.)
  • No registration required
  • No surcharge or monthly subscription fees
  • User pays only the standard airtime price for the Inmarsat service being used


Once a connection to the Internet is established, users can send e-mail, access Web sites, and exchange data files.
  • Use an e-mail client (e.g. MS Outlook Express, MS Exchange, Eudora, etc.) to retrieve and send e-mail messages
  • Use a Web browser (e.g. Netscape or MS Internet Explorer) to access Web sites
  • Use FTP to exchange files (e.g. data, image, etc.)