Description of Web Mail

Marlink AS Satellite Services is pleased to announce the Web Mail service, a web interface for access to your e-mail account.


  • Access your Web Mail account from any computer connected to the Internet, using a standard Internet Browser (IE, Netscape, Opera, etc.)
  • No need to configure an e-mail client to access your e-mail account
  • Now you can send as well as receive e-mail via your e-mail account while on shore. Using an e-mail client, it is only possible to receive e-mail from shore
  • The Web Mail service has been optimized for use with Inmarsat equipment with low bandwidth
  • E-mail management. Preview your Inbox and delete unwanted e-mails before you download them via your e-mail client
An e-mail client is still recommended for downloading e-mail from your account. The management function allows you to filter e-mail to your client and thus save money on airtime usage.

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Access the login page from our home page: and click on "Log on".
2. Enter your user name ( and password in the corresponding text-fields and then click on 'Submit'
Forgot your password? - Please contact Customer Support
3. When logged on you can read, send or delete e-mail
Please remember to set up your preferences on your first login.

Setting up Preferences

1. After logging in, please select the preference option from the menu.
2. Full name: Your full name
3. E-mail Address:
4. Select options:
  • Cc self - (leave a copy of sent e-mail in inbox)
  • Hide addresses - (only addressee name - not actual e-mail address- will appear in inbox)
  • Outlook-style quoting - (for replying or forwarding)
5. Signature: Other contact information you wish to add to the bottom of your e-mail

Contact us / Help

If you have any questions concerning the Web Mail service or if you have forgotten your password, please contact Customer Support at short code 33 (free of charge) or send an e-mail Be sure to include all details on your registered account.